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From the Cheshire Herald Newspaper - 11/1/2018

Editor: Cheshire deserves the best representation it can find. That would include Craig Fishbein as its State Representative.

I have known Craig and his family for many years. Craig is an intelligent person with uncanny insight. These two attributes alone put him near the top of the list. On top of that, his depth of knowledge of state legislation and statute language is great, and his desire to understand it and ability to learn it even greater.

Craig is a successful attorney, and it is no coincidence that those lawyer skills have proven invaluable as a state lawmaker.

Craig is the perfect man to continue on as our State Representative.

I hope that you join me in supporting him in his re-election.

Rob Brucato Cheshire

Fishbein for Connecticut - Jo-Anne L. Rusczek, Treasurer - Approved by Craig Fishbein
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